Agon Trust launches in Knowsley

After weeks of preparation and planning the first Agon Trust Odyssey Programme started today in Huyton Knowsley. A group of local unemployed 16-24 year olds have embarked on a 10-week training course, where the focus will be on gaining real employability skills while making contact with local employers. This is the first of many Agon Trust programmes, which will be run in Knowsley, Liverpool and Sefton as well as several locations in London & the North East.

Panda Media were contacted by Agon Trust when the organisation was it its infancy, in fact it wasn’t even called Agon Trust at the time! We have worked closely with the Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer in order to produce a brand, develop an identity, produce a web site and build an online presence for Agon Trust and provide them with all the necessary tools to communicate with their target audience.

Over the next 10 weeks Panda Media will be delivering some hands on film production training as well as managing the web site and maintaining the social media networks.

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