Video testimonials to boost your conversion rate

Customer testimonials on your website are one of the best ways of building trust. In most cases testimonials are only found hidden on a Testimonials or Our Cients pages, when really these comments need to be at the forefront of your most popular pages not to mention your Homepage. It could mean the difference between someone making that next step to enquire or not.

Testimonials are essential

No matter how good your website looks and functions your visitor will still hesitate without seeing a recommendation. Showing other customers opinions will prove how your service or product is what they are looking for. People love to hear and see the success stories of your clients, and they will have peace of mind after seeing how another customer is really happy with your services. We advise everyone to use video testimonials if possible (as an example you can check one of ours here), as they can highly increase conversion rates.

Having a video to show visitors the value that you offer can boost conversions by as much as 30%. People relate better to video images and can help you build authority and trust long term to improve conversions.

  • get attention
  • trust
  • tell your story
  • provide relevant information
  • get people sharing your content

Any of these will help conversions; tick all of these boxes and you’ll reap the rewards!

For more information book your very own video review here and we’ll help you get started.

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