DiCaprio described The Revenant as “the most difficult film” he has ever done, as critics hint that this could be the year he finally wins an Oscar.

The Revenant follows the real life story of a 19th century fur trapper named Hugh Glass (DiCaprio) as he battles for survival in the wilderness after being left for dead by his comrades following a horrific bear attack.

DiCaprio took part in a Q&A after the filming that confirmed although conditions on set were really as hardcore as they had been reported, he enjoyed the experience he had. “It was all a big beautiful blur to me”, DiCaprio said. “This was such a unique process for all of us actors”.

“We had to rehearse meticulously and it was this mad, intense scramble to capture the magic light, this previous hour and half of beautiful illustrations ‘Chivo’ (cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki’s nickname) light. It became very much like a humorous Saturday Night Live situation”.

DiCaprio doesn’t have a lot of dialogue, “It was almost like a silent movie performance”, he said.

Director Mark Romanek called it “great” and filmmaker Cassian Elwes raved about its “magnificent scope” but did warn fans to expect “two and half hours of brutality” especially during the bloody mauling scene.

Gregg L Daniel


Just attended the first public screening of The Revenant. Incredible! Oscar nominations for everyone a certainty!

Charles Thorp


THE REVENANT is a brilliant mix of beauty and brutality. The action is raw and unflinching. It deserves Oscar talk; esp for behind the lens.

cassian elwes


The revenant was so brutal I feel like I need to lie down. Beautiful camera work almost makes it worth it



So I was part of the 1st ever audience to see

Max Landis


There is one point in The Revenant where Leo falls off a cliff and can be heard to shout something that sounds like “winky wong”

Best part

Carlton Cuse


Saw The Revenant yesterday.  An amazing piece of filmmaking. Leo should finally win his Oscar, and Chivo will three-peat.

Germain Lussier


The bear attack in The Revenant will give you nightmares. It’s what you imagined Herzog heard in Grizzly Man, but you watch it in real time.

Eric Carroll


Revenant. Holy shit. Best film of the year. Blown away.

Lost’s Carlton Cuse was among many to declare that DiCaprio might well bag the Oscar after four previous but ultimately unsuccessful nomination, while screenwriter Max Landis branded The Revenant “the ultimate in cinematic overkill”.

Tom Hardy “put a shade of fun” into the story as the villain, according to Mashable, but others found his supporting performance “slightly one note”. Regardless, the film reportedly earned a standing ovation from an often reserved and highly discerning awards season crowd.