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Interface Carpets recently approached us to create a quick turn-around film to demonstrate the acoustic properties of their carpet tiles to show an international audience the levels of testing they perform on their carpets.

The filming involved working with Salford University in their acoustic testing laboratories in Manchester. We set up our cameras and audio equipment in a room that was built for this exact kind of testing. Strange suspended wooden sheets and boxes were placed around the room to reflect sounds to create the perfect atmosphere for the testing, whilst around 8 microphones hanging from the ceiling are positioned to record the results.

We filmed 12 square meters of carpet tiles being laid, before locking the room off with the camera and audio still recording, as ear-piercing noise was blasted into the room. Whilst this happened we filmed computerised audio recording levels on a computer from another room. It is the time it takes for the reverberation in the room to stop, which provides the level of acoustic performance and absorbency of the carpets.

This was a really interesting filming day and great to be working with another quality local business in a new sector.

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