Shark! is a design agency based in Elland who recently approached Panda Media to produce a series of creative product films and a promo film for their parent company, Waddington and Ledger Group.

This large printers produces hundreds of thousands of products every week and also some really innovative packaging and merchandising boxes. Their brief to us was to create 4 product films, that would show the production of these items from design concept through to print and construction. Throughout the films we added creative animated typography to highlight key features and statistics of the process. The aim of the final film, a short promo, was to encompass the companies scale, facilities and personality through their staff and show some of the variety of products they can produce.

These films were displayed on plasma screens on their stand for a marketing exhibition in London and to go on their website and social media.

“Panda did a great job getting to know our business initially and their willingness to listen and understand what we wanted to achieve, combined with their production expertise resulted in a series of films we were all extremely proud of”

Matthew Ogden
Business Development, Shark!




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