The University of Huddersfield

Due to ever increasing course fees, the School of Education and Development at Huddersfield University wanted to offer their students something extra, something that added value to the course and something they could access in their own time. Therefore they approached Panda Media in 2012 and tasked us with producing a series of introduction films and resource tools that could be accessed from the Uni Learn web portal.

The results were so successful and so well received by the students that we are now just completing the second year of our relationship with The University of Huddersfield. In the second year we’ve taken a slightly different approach and used a combination of talking heads and video scribe graphics to produce a series of ‘how to’ films, which provide students with key information that helps them get the most from their degree. We’ve also interviewed past students to get their thoughts, feedback and advice to pass on to new students.

It’s been a great experience for Panda Media and we’ve really enjoyed working with the Times Higher Education University of the Year 2013. Now our thoughts turn to Year 3!

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