Welcome to the iHome community!

We would like to start our third iHome blog by welcoming two new housing organisations to the iHome community; Bolton at Home and Midlands based Trident Housing. As the iHome family grows it is strengthened and also enriched by the fresh perspectives these new landlords bring from the experience of looking after two very different customer bases.

It has been a great few months for iHome with overall downloads and usage increasing month on month. One of the aspects we are most proud of is the increased amount of information sharing amongst iHome members.

iHome’s essence has always been to stay simple for everyone and where possible to utilise existing internal and external web platforms to increase usage and costumer experience, so we are really glad that more and more of you are beginning to feel the value of linking your iHome Apps to your social media accounts.

With this in mind Salford based Salix homes has asked us to explore the potential of user profiles. Being able to quantify how an individual uses iHome, their usage history and their common trends allows for benchmarking and future planning, so we would love to hear other landlords’ thoughts on this as downloads grow.

Newcomer to the family; Bolton at Home have already asked us to look into expanding on the ASB tab to differentiate the reports from general ASB and environmental issues which we feel may open up the potential of residents taking more responsibility on reporting things that have a broader community impact, such as fly tipping, litter or dog fouling.

October brings the new iOS 8 software on apple devices which on the face of it may not look much different but we believe it will allow for a lot more scope with future development and further increase uploads. We will of course be updating the iHome platform to make sure that it works on the new iOS 8 system over the next month.

We are always on the lookout for other APP development ideas from you and your colleagues and we have found that some of the best updates come from simply asking:

“Could it do this?”

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