Video marketing is becoming increasingly more popular, especially with small business owners. You may not think you have the equipment but you don’t really need expensive equipment, or you really need is a good personality and a decent camera. Or you could hire a production company to do it for you.

You need to try to add video marketing to help you expand/grow your business. Here are some reasons as to why.

Videos Are More Likely To Go Viral

People love to share videos that have entertained them. If you want to your business to get noticed, then you need to create videos that will be likely to get shared on social networks.

Automatically Increase The Magnetism of Your Website

If you have been surfing the web long enough then you will have visited a Web 2.0 property, which features a video on the homepage. Having a video on your homepage increases your website visitor numbers. If people are presented with a entertaining video explaining the purpose of the website or service then they are more likely to be intrigued.

Increase Sales By Alleviating Doubts

For example, assume the case of a website that reviews mobile phones and includes the webmaster’s affiliate links as the end of each review. Now for the physical product such as a mobile phone, a video review can show things to the visitor that simply can’t be conveyed through an article. With a physical product a video is a much more effective tool to increase the chance of conversions, and subsequently helping the business make money online.

Personalised Experience For Your Customers

You can guide your visitors to different sections of your website using videos making the whole experience similar to visiting an actual store. Videos put a face on the merchant and make the users more comfortable in doing business with them. Using intelligent data mining, many websites are no providing personalised video experiences that are catered specifically to the individual customer’s buying habits and in many cases reference past purchases.

We Live In A Visual World

Nowadays people would rather watch a video than read long informational bogs or articles. They don’t have the attention span to read, they become bored.

Videos Make Your Business Seem More Real

Videos of people instead of products make your business seem like less of a business and more personal. It puts a face to your business, people will remember you from your video.

YouTube Is The Second Largest Social Media Outlet

It is only second to Facebook, this shows that people love to watch Facebook. Your business needs to be on Facebook and YouTube in order to get noticed.

In summary, video marketing is highly beneficial for improving brand recognition and customer retention. You need to add video marketing to your marketing plan because we live in a visual world. People love to watch videos and YouTube is the second largest social media outlet. To get your business noticed, you need to be on Facebook and YouTube. Videos are more likely to go viral so your business can take off.

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